What happens when life seems to take a travailing route no matter how hard it is avoided? Do you throw in the towel or find it as an opportunity to grow and learn? In Sheila Malsam’s 234-page Growing through the Storm, the author shares the stormy contentions of her marital journeys and uncovers the art of learning from tedious challenges.

Born and raised in a Christian home in South Dakota, the author enjoyed the countryside and its charms. She delved actively into farm duties even as the last child of ten siblings and grew up to be part of the community. During college, she met and fell in love with Brad. When he proposed after college, she accepted despite some certain reservations she held. As the next stage of life began for the two of them, life took a sharp turn, and things grew awry. After fourteen years of struggling with this haze, the author left the marriage with two children, Eric and Jenna. Ready to commit to love again, things fall apart within three years, and the author can’t help but question life. Would she ever find the love she sought? Read to find out more.

Sheila Malsam shared her story with raw openness and genuineness of intentions; it draws the reader in. She barely sugarcoats and drives the narrative from an unbiased perspective. The title is very fitting to the book’s contents, as each turn brought some amount of growth to the author’s life. The brazen situations she went through also serve as educative life lessons to readers and teach some major life lessons.

I commend the honesty of the author’s emotions. She wasn’t one to play down her true intentions and feelings. She was quite candid. I also noticed the unique personality of the author. She didn’t bash the characters of the men despite their shortcomings but just stated the reasons behind their fallout with a concise statement of their role. It was a very intriguing, curious, and thought-provoking act for me. It was a delightful experience to read this book. I felt I had watched Eric and Jenna grow and felt very attached and adamant about letting them go. My favorite scene was when Jenna was leaving for college, and Dan assured her that her mother would be well taken care of. It was a very emotional scene for me.

There is nothing I dislike in this book. The book is exceptionally well edited, as I did not observe any errors in it. Therefore, I rate Growing through the Storm 4 out of 4 stars.

I recommend this book to readers going through a hard time in life and wondering when the storm will be over. I believe such readers would find this book a worthwhile read about overcoming life’s problems and learning to trust God in all situations.

Triumph over struggle

Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2022

This book is about a woman’s struggle with expectations, life, husband, etc. WE all experience this. Reading this makes me feel not alone. It also has a strong Christian emphasis that truly God is the only one that can help us, lead us, and make us truly feel loved! I recommend this book whole-heartedly!! It has given me inspiration to listen for God’s voice more in my life. To pray and believe it will happen in God’s way and in God’s timing…we just need to believe!! Ask, Seek, Knock; God is always listening! -Sue I Hagen

I read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. You were so brave to put your life on display. I have always thought of you as such an extraordinary person. I admire your willingness to share your story. God bless.

– Sue

Your book is the first I have read to the finish in a long time. I have many in the works but don’t feel driven to finish them. I love how your son was/is so supportive of you. You have raised wonderful children.

– Helen

I finished your book this morning. I felt like you were having a conversation with me telling your story. I had no idea you were going through all of that! Praise God He was there to get you through and that you found peace and happiness! I am working hard to be a better Christian. The more you know the harder it is! I feel like God is there to get me through, and that worry and fear are the devil’s work! Thanks for sharing your faith journey. The book will be a blessing for many!

– Pam


Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2022

For those that feel the pain of society’s expectations and judgment instead of looking to God. Very inspiring and real. -Private

Excellent book

Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2022

I loved this book. It was a lesson in not giving up too soon and working toward a solution. Sheila is a great woman of faith. – Helen Gerhard

Thank you for a copy of your book. I read through your intro and had to have a box of tissues beside me. I don’t normally cry reading a book, but I learned this time, that when I know the author personally, I’m really affected by it. Knowing and experiencing what you lived through has touched me beyond measure. I remember our talks we had, discussing the struggles we both experienced from failed marriages, and other more positive subjects, like your book.

Thank you for thinking of me and giving me a copy!

– Joyce

I’m reading your book and absolutely love it! It’s so well written and from the heart. We have so much in common!

– Pam

I finished your book. You are truly an amazing writer! You should be so proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished. You need to continue writing your story…you have a lot more to say.

– Nancy

I hope my journey can help you. Read Growing Through the Storm today!