What happens when life seems to take a travailing route no matter how hard it is avoided? Do you throw in the towel or find it as an opportunity to grow and learn? In Sheila Malsam’s 234-page Growing through the Storm, the author shares the stormy contentions of her marital journeys and uncovers the art of learning from tedious challenges.

Born and raised in a Christian home in South Dakota, the author enjoyed the countryside and its charms. She delved actively into farm duties even as the last child of ten siblings and grew up to be part of the community. During college, she met and fell in love with Brad. When he proposed after college, she accepted despite some certain reservations she held. As the next stage of life began for the two of them, life took a sharp turn, and things grew awry. After fourteen years of struggling with this haze, the author left the marriage with two children, Eric and Jenna. Ready to commit to love again, things fall apart within three years, and the author can’t help but question life. Would she ever find the love she sought? Read to find out more.

Sheila Malsam shared her story with raw openness and genuineness of intentions; it draws the reader in. She barely sugarcoats and drives the narrative from an unbiased perspective. The title is very fitting to the book’s contents, as each turn brought some amount of growth to the author’s life. The brazen situations she went through also serve as educative life lessons to readers and teach some major life lessons.

I commend the honesty of the author’s emotions. She wasn’t one to play down her true intentions and feelings. She was quite candid. I also noticed the unique personality of the author. She didn’t bash the characters of the men despite their shortcomings but just stated the reasons behind their fallout with a concise statement of their role. It was a very intriguing, curious, and thought-provoking act for me. It was a delightful experience to read this book. I felt I had watched Eric and Jenna grow and felt very attached and adamant about letting them go. My favorite scene was when Jenna was leaving for college, and Dan assured her that her mother would be well taken care of. It was a very emotional scene for me.

There is nothing I dislike in this book. The book is exceptionally well edited, as I did not observe any errors in it. Therefore, I rate Growing through the Storm 4 out of 4 stars.

I recommend this book to readers going through a hard time in life and wondering when the storm will be over. I believe such readers would find this book a worthwhile read about overcoming life’s problems and learning to trust God in all situations.

Heartfelt and inspiring memoir

Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2023

”Growing through the Storm” by Sheila Malsam is a heartfelt and inspiring memoir that delves into the author’s personal journey through the storms of life. This book is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and the unwavering love of God. – Jithendra Jithu

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Things that seem impossible get possible with the mighty God

Reviewed in the United States on October 24, 2023

Are there desires in your heart that you feel impossible to achieve?

This book is a reminder to us that God is the only way for us to achieve the desires of our heart. Things that seem impossible get possible with the mighty God. The author has been in challenging situations in her life. She had two troubled marriages. Her heart was always looking for the kind of love that was there in her dreams but none of her two husbands could provide that kind of love.

This made Sheila frustrated and wonder why God isn’t listening to her. Through her journey, Sheila wants us to remember that we should not throw away our confident trust in the Lord. The Prayer at the end of the book is amazing. It guides us to pray and worship the Lord no matter the circumstances.

This is a fantastic book that would remind readers to not give up on their dreams. This book would make readers feel confident with high self-esteem. It would enhance your faith in the Lord as he doesn’t forgive us or the dreams he has put in our hearts. Healing is possible with God. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it’s worth reading. I have read a book by this author for the first time and definitely it won’t be the last. Hope Sheila comes up with more books in the future. Loved her work.


  • 𝗠𝘆 𝗥𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴: 5/5

When things don’t happen, we should leave it in God’s hands as God knows the best for us

Reviewed on October 17, 2023

“Growing through the Storm” written by the author Sheila Malsam is a must read book. In this book, the author has shared how she had two troubled marriages and her heart constantly seeks the kind of love that she sees in her dreams. The unwanted circumstances challenged the author’s faith and many times she questioned God about the things that were happening or not happening with her.

When Sheila was getting married to Brad, she heard the voice that this marriage would hurt her. She confused it with the voice in her head and believed that she would make Brad fall in love with her. From my past relationship experience, I have learned that no matter how beautiful we are, we can’t force or make someone fall in love with us. Sheila was blessed with Eric and Jenna as kids in her life. Her kids supported her even after her failed marriage. Her daughter Jenna helped her to see the truth when Sheila was trying to hold on to Ryan.

Through this book, the author wants us to learn that we shouldn’t control everything by ourselves. Sometimes, if things don’t happen, we should leave it in God’s hands as God knows the best for us. This book is an eye-opener for me. It made me realize how I question my faith sometimes. I am glad to get my hands on this book at the right time. Thanks to the author for sharing her story with us. It’s a book worth reading.

𝑴𝒚 𝑹𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈: 5/5

I read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. You were so brave to put your life on display. I have always thought of you as such an extraordinary person. I admire your willingness to share your story. God bless.

– Sue

God doesn’t give us dreams to take them back from us…trust your instincts

October 17, 2023

I love reading memoirs as it gives us a sneak peak into the life of other people and we can learn from their experiences. This time, I got my hands on Sheila Malsam’s book “Growing through the Storm”. One day, Sheila heard her mom saying, “Your father and I are hurting to see you hurting”. To see her parents in pain, Sheila was broken.

Sheila first married Brad, a guy who lived near her house and was committed to farm life. After their marriage, Sheila saw Brad was more committed to the farm and then in downtime, he spent time with his friends. Sheila realized she was in the backseat in Brad’s life. I could feel her pain as I was once in a short-term relationship with one such guy who had never put me as his priority. Sheila was already doubting this when she was getting married to Brad.

This incident from her life taught me to trust our instincts. While entering a relationship or marriage, if we feel something isn’t right, then we shouldn’t take things forward.

Like the author has mentioned, God makes us stronger through pain. Sometimes, in life pain is necessary for us so we can see the people for who they are instead of having an innocent heart. This book made my faith in God stronger. As the author has mentioned, God doesn’t give us dreams to take them back from us. From today, I will continue to hold on to my dreams until they come true. Also, I will be patient and not question God. Instead, I will pray. After reading this book, I felt as if God talked to me through the author’s journey. This is a well written book. I am sure readers would take away something useful from this book.


Rating: 5/5

Your book is the first I have read to the finish in a long time. I have many in the works but don’t feel driven to finish them. I love how your son was/is so supportive of you. You have raised wonderful children.

– Helen

The Lord loves all of his children and he doesn’t forget us

October 24, 2023

In her memoir, Malsam has done great work. Through this book, the author testifies that the Lord loves all of his children and he doesn’t forget us. He has placed the dreams in our heart for some reason. We shouldn’t give up on our dreams or the Lord when we face difficult times.

God knows what He is doing. If we don’t receive something, then God has other plans for us that are even better. We shouldn’t lose our hope. By reading Sheila’s journey, I went down the memory lane when I was too angry with God because my wish wasn’t being fulfilled. Eventually, I realized I have to turn to Him only. Without him, my dreams can’t come true.

God blessed Sheila with a lovely family. Her parents and kids have been there for her many times. They have helped her to see the truth, accept the reality of the situations, etc. Jenna and Eric are surely a blessing in the author’s life. This book has valuable messages for the readers.

Hats off to the author for sharing her story with us. Sheila’s story is an inspiration for many. I learned about trusting God and not giving up on him. Whatever he has planned for me would be the best. The testimony of God by the author would help readers to reevaluate their faith and seek the Lord. If you are in a situation that is hopeless, I strongly suggest you pick a copy of this book. You will feel confident, loved, blessed, etc. Sheila’s story touched my heart. – https://bookishworld4.wordpress.com/author/bookishworld4/

Rating: 5/5

I finished your book this morning. I felt like you were having a conversation with me telling your story. I had no idea you were going through all of that! Praise God He was there to get you through and that you found peace and happiness! I am working hard to be a better Christian. The more you know the harder it is! I feel like God is there to get me through, and that worry and fear are the devil’s work! Thanks for sharing your faith journey. The book will be a blessing for many!

– Pam


Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2022

For those that feel the pain of society’s expectations and judgment instead of looking to God. Very inspiring and real. -Private

If things aren’t happening our way in our life then they will happen in God’s way when the time is right

Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2023

“Growing through the Storm” is one of the best books that I have read this year. This book teaches us to not give up too soon on God and our faith. It teaches us to hang tightly to God. This book made me believe that if things aren’t happening our way in our life then they will happen in God’s way when the time is right.

This book made me realize how stupid I was to not believe firmly in God. God is the answer to all our problems. He gives challenges and problems to us so that they can shape us and make us stronger. I appreciate Sheila’s parents for the support they provided to her daughter. The support and love from loved ones is very important in troubled times. Even after two troubled marriages, her parents and children didn’t give up on her. Loved ones should support their family members in times of need.

Sheila’s sister made her realize how she wasn’t in love with Brad. Sheila’s journey is a lesson and inspiration for the readers. This book is a reminder to us that “With God all things are possible”. Points to ponder mentioned within the book would help the readers to reflect on their lives. Those who love reading spiritual memoirs should get their hands on this one. I strongly recommend it to my fellow readers. It’s a book worth every second of yours.


Rating: 5/5

So engaging that you will be glued to reading her experiences till you finish

Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2023

Having discovered God’s purpose for her life, Sheila Malsam decided to give an account of her
marital relationships in Growing Through the Storm. She wrote about her two failed marriages
with Brad and Ryan, including how she ignored the red flags and got married to Brad, her first
husband. After being frustrated by feelings of rejection due to little or no attention from him,
among others, she thought it wise to walk away. Consequently, her hunger for true love and
acceptance led her to get married to Ryan. However, she did so without a proper investigation,
despite the still voice cautioning her to beware of him. She got another devastating shock after
their wedding when he confessed that he was not ready to commit to their marriage. To fully learn
about her struggles in these marital unions and if her dream of a true and lovely marriage was
actualized, read this book.

Certain aspects of the book made every chapter unique. Some chapters were titled “God Hears,”
“God Responds,” “God Loves,” and “God Rescues,” which are some promises of God while others
are titled “Trust,” “Hope,” “Ask,” and “Embrace,” which are actions of faith we need to take. I
found these commendable. Also, the memoir is so engaging that you will be glued to reading her
experiences till you finish. She also used simple language, which ensured clarity. The book
incorporates her feelings, expectations, personality, and dreams, making her story relatable.
Furthermore, I found the arrangement of each chapter to be well organized; she included a passage
of scripture, followed by her stories, points to ponder, and prayer points at the end.

Following the book, I admired the qualities her parents exhibited. They encouraged their daughter
to remain strong and did not make castigating comments. Notably, her children, Eric and Jenna,
and her daughter-in-law, Lauren, expressed concern over how hurt she felt in her predicament.
This teaches the need to show unwavering care to our mothers. Also, I learned the need to forgive
those who have hurt us so that God would forgive us and open doors of mercy and favor in our
lives. To add to the lessons learned, I noted that when we trust in God, we need not panic because
our future is secured in God; hence, it’s better to hand over every detail of our lives to him, as
there’s no need to cling to self-pity, fear, and unbelief.

I didn’t find any errors or complaints. Therefore, the soul-lifting and engaging nature of this book
makes it deserve a perfect rating. I recommend the book to single moms and dads, people who
have broken marital relationships, people whose parents are separated, divorced, or didn’t marry,
and women leaders.  – Mercy M N


Excellent book

Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2022

I loved this book. It was a lesson in not giving up too soon and working toward a solution. Sheila is a great woman of faith. – Helen Gerhard

A Guide to Finding Strength and Hope in Life’s Most Challenging Moments

Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2024


Title: Growing through the Storm
Author: Sheila Malsam
Review date: Jan. 2, 2024

“Growing through the Storm” by Sheila Malsam is a poignant memoir that delves into the depths
of personal struggles, the resilience of the human spirit, and the power of faith. Malsam’s
narrative is a candid, heartfelt exploration of her life’s journey, marked by challenges in her
marriage and a profound spiritual awakening. The book stands out for its honest depiction of
life’s adversities and the author’s journey towards personal growth and spiritual fulfillment.
Malsam’s story is richly layered, weaving together the complexities of emotional turmoil, the
search for identity, and the pursuit of spiritual peace. Her vulnerability in sharing personal
struggles makes the narrative deeply relatable and engaging. The book is not just a recounting of
hardships; it is a celebration of the transformative power of faith and the resilience of the human
spirit in the face of adversity.

The author’s reflections on her marriage, interwoven with her spiritual journey, provide a unique
perspective on the interplay between personal relationships and faith. Malsam’s writing is
evocative and insightful, resonating with anyone who has faced personal challenges or sought
deeper meaning in life. Her experiences are portrayed with a raw honesty that captures the
essence of human vulnerability and the quest for inner peace.

“Growing through the Storm” is more than a memoir; it’s a guide to finding strength and hope in
life’s most challenging moments. Malsam’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of faith
and the unyielding human spirit. This book is a source of inspiration and comfort, offering
readers a beacon of light in navigating their own storms.

In essence, Sheila Malsam’s “Growing through the Storm” is a compelling narrative that
showcases the indomitable spirit of a woman facing life’s trials with courage and faith. It is a
reminder of the strength that lies within each of us and the transformative power of embracing
life’s challenges with an open heart and unwavering faith.


Thank you for a copy of your book. I read through your intro and had to have a box of tissues beside me. I don’t normally cry reading a book, but I learned this time, that when I know the author personally, I’m really affected by it. Knowing and experiencing what you lived through has touched me beyond measure. I remember our talks we had, discussing the struggles we both experienced from failed marriages, and other more positive subjects, like your book.

Thank you for thinking of me and giving me a copy!

– Joyce

If we don’t get a quick response, we think God doesn’t hear us

October 24, 2023

My Thoughts:
“Growing Through the Storm” by Sheila Malsam is the autobiography of the author. We pray to God and expect a quick response. If we don’t get that quick response, we think that God doesn’t hear us or we start doubting his existence. The author has shared how doubt, fear, blame, insecurity, etc doesn’t allow us to be blessed by God. Often, we try to control everything by ourselves and don’t surrender ourselves to God.

If we control everything on our own, we put out the energy that we don’t trust God. Unfortunately, we don’t receive God’s blessings as a result. Sheila had two troubled marriages. She struggled for years and ultimately she turned to God. When she was blessed by Him, she felt as if God had called her to share the testimony of developing a personal relationship with God.

The author has shared her own journey, disappointments, frustrations, etc so we don’t make the mistakes that she made early in life by doubting God. Through this book, the author wants others to seek the Lord in times of need and to put their hope in His promises. This is an insightful, inspiring story of the author that would help readers to improve their personal relationship with the Lord. The book is well descriptive. It is written in a simple language. I appreciate the author for the choice of title for this book. This book is highly recommended. Readers would feel as if they might have gotten their hands on this book sooner.

–  https://www.instagram.com/thebookaddict25/#

I finished your book. You are truly an amazing writer! You should be so proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished. You need to continue writing your story…you have a lot more to say.

– Nancy

I hope my journey can help you. Read Growing Through the Storm today!