What To Do When You’re Desperate For An Answer But God Is Silent?

Have you been praying and not receiving an answer from God? Do you doubt that God hears your prayers? Do you question His love for you, fearing you are unworthy of the desires of your heart?

If this is you, dear one, and your heart if heavy, may I encourage you to run to the Father and surrender your circumstances to Him? He’s been patiently waiting for you and longing to help. He’s not hiding from you. He doesn’t want you wandering helplessly in the dark. He cares for you. It says so in 1 Peter 5:7 (FBV), “Surrender all your worries to him, because he cares for you.”

11 Steps To Follow When You’re Desperate For God’s Help:

• Get alone with God and pour your heart out to Him. There’s no need to be ashamed, to feel guilty, or to hold back. Your circumstances are no surprise to God.
• Surrender your struggle to God, let go of control, leave your hurt, brokenness, and concerns at the feet of Jesus.
• Make your requests known to God. Trust and believe that He cares and will provide.
• Silence the chatter going on in your head and be still. You’ve made your request, now let God speak to you.
• Tune into God’s Word and reflect on how it relates to your circumstances. It can be something simple like reading children’s Bible stories or daily devotionals.
• Journal daily. It is helpful to discern God’s direction by listening to any thoughts, feelings, or ideas that may come to mind while reflecting on the Word of God. Journaling offers an opportunity to express freely and see more clearly what God wants to reveal.
• Pay attention and be a good listener. God often speaks to us through others as well as through scripture, songs, or movies.
• Keep your focus on God and His power instead of on yourself and the problem.
• Get out, get moving, and help others! Nature, exercise, and helping others boost our moods and help to keep us grounded.
• Thank and praise God in advance for His love, mercy, and grace and for answering your prayer.
• Don’t give up! Expect God to do the impossible and believe, “With God all things are possible,” as promised in Matthew 19:26 (NIV) when asked according to His will in His name!

Sheila is the author of Growing Through the Storm and co-founder and owner of the Prayer Capsule.

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Be blessed and be a blessing!